The Filmless hospital : 3 years experience in a teaching hospital
Satyashankar*,  Sumangala Bhat**, Nitinkumar Marathe*** 
Hospital wide PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is a computerised electronic system which entirely replaces conventional x-ray film by acquiring, archiving, transmitting & displaying digital images on a network of workstations throughout the hospital1.
Early PACS were characterised by the use of very expensive handware devices, cumbersome display stations, lack of interface to other clinical information systems and high storage costs.  Today, computer power has increased and archival cost has decreased to the extent that the economics of PACS is justifiable with respect to the film2.
PACS was implemented in a tertiary care teaching hospital in November 2011.  Capital cost involved, Return on investment based on projected saving on film cost for the last 31/2 years, benefits & problems associated with the introduction of PACS is discussed.
Monday, October 24, 2016