Knowledge and Attitude of Nursing Personnel Towards Organ Donation: an Exploratory Survey. 
L. Gopichandran1,Joshi Poonam1, Raghavan Srinithya2, Dabas Heena3, Xavier Teenu3, R Mahesh 4
Objective: To determine the knowledge and attitude of nursing personnel regarding organ donation in a tertiary health care facility. 
Methods: In an exploratory cross-sectional survey, a pre-tested and validated questionnaire on knowledge and attitude towards the cause of organ donation was self administered to 340 conveniently selected nursing personnel working in indoor facilities of medical and surgical disciplines of a tertiary health care facility. The data was collected and analysed from October 2014 to October 2015.
Results: Out of 340 nursing personnel enrolled,   majority were females (71.2%)   in the age group of 21-30 years (70.4%).  More than 50% of nursing personnel followed  Hindu religion(55.7%), and 62.6% were graduates.  Nearly half of the nursing personnel were working in ICU with the median present professional experience of 2 years (2 months -20 years). Majority of nursing personnel (66.9%) had not attended any seminar/workshop or class on organ donation and opined that they did not have enough information about organ donation and  wanted to attend training on organ donation (69.5%).  Majority of nursing personnel had moderate knowledge and attitude scores related to organ donation.  Mean knowledge and attitude scores of nursing personnel in the area of organ donation were 18.5 ± 3.6(2-27) and 77.9 ± 8.6(23-116) respectively. Weak correlation was observed between the knowledge and attitude scores of HCP (r= 0.135, p=0.013). No significant association could be established between the select variables and the knowledge and attitude of nursing personnel.  
Conclusion: Nursing personnel had moderate knowledge and favourable attitude in the area of organ donation. Nursing personnel should have formal in-service education and training on organ donation so that more appropriate promotion can be initiated.
Key words:  Knowledge, Attitude, Nursing Personnel, Organ Donation 
Monday, October 24, 2016