Effect of HR interventions based on Biometric Attendance System records to improve employee absenteeism
First & Corresponding Author: 1Dr(Major) Meeta Tyagi, Senior Consultant (Hosp. Management), PMU, AIIMS, New Delhi. 
ABSTRACT:  This study examined the impact of monitoring biometric attendance on employee absenteeism.  The study was carried out in a public sector tertiary care hospital. One of the departments of the hospital, was continuously facing issues regarding unavailability of staff at the work place, which was affecting the performance of the department. It was therefore imperative to carry out this study with a view to assess the extent of problem of absenteeism, to identify the system related causes and to address the causes. The study is observational and descriptive. Data collection was carried out in two phases. In the first phase, the retrospective data of biometric attendance of the employees, duty rosters and leave records were collected and analysed using statistical package of social sciences (SPSS). The results were discussed with the administrative authorities. The leave and attendance monitoring protocols were redefined. In second phase, same data after introducing the protocols was collected. Chi square test of significance was applied to the difference of proportions. The difference in proportion was statistically significant for the availability of staff (p= 0.0006), absence without leave( p<0.0001) and   late arrivals ( p= 0.031). The difference in proportions was not statistically significant for absence with leave  and for early leavers.  It was recommended that organization should use the biometric attendance for the calculation of effective working hours and calculation of monthly salary, to improve discipline. The staff should be incentivised for working additional hours, which will encourage them to remain on the job and improve their performance.
Absenteeism; absence; attendance; digitization; digital technology; biometric attendance system(BAS); discipline; human resource (HR)practices; human resource management (HRM); Healthcare Organizations
Tuesday, January 12, 2021