Keywords: Blood Borne Infections, Gloves, Injection Practices, Safe Injection Introduction: Injections are among the most commonly used medical procedure with an estimated 16 billion administrations each year worldwide.  An overwhelming majority (90%-95%) of these injections are administered for curative purposes. (1) Immunization accounts for around 3% of all injections. (2) According to IPEN Study, 03-06 billion injections were administered annually in India.
To Assess  the Knowledge, Skill and Practice of Health Care Providers of an Outdoor of a Tertiary Care Hospital (J.A. Group of Hospitals) of G.R. Medical College Gwalior (M.P.)  regarding use of ‘Safe Injection Practices’ in ‘Immunization Clinic & Injection Room’.
The present study was a cross sectional study done  from July 2013 to September 2013 in a outdoor of  a tertiary care hospital in a G.R.Medical College in which a total of three health care providers were assessed  for their knowledge and 250 injection procedures of different age groups & at different sites were assessed for their skills  and practices regarding use of ‘safe injection practices’.
A  total of three  Health Care Providers of an outdoor of a Tertiary Care Hospital were  taken . All the three had 100% knowledge regarding the use of safe injection practices but in 250 injection procedures which were observed   only 100 (40% ) wored gloves during the procedure.
Conclusion : There was a great disparity between therotical & practical Knowledge regarding ‘Safe Injection Practices’ . Efforts are to be needed to be done in this regard for the  benefit of both Health Care Provider and the patients. 
Friday, April 22, 2016
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