Background of the study: Patient safety concern in operation theater (OT) has become an unending part of the health policy. Since several changes and safety measures have been advocated to improve the patient safety, but these measures could not produce the desired outcomes and the operating room errors are still frequent and often consequential. Objective: Assessment of adherence to the safety protocol in the operating room. Methodology: A descriptive study was conducted with an aims to assess the adherence to the safety protocol in the operating room with the help of a validated surgical safety checklist. Statistical analysis: The SPSS 16.0 was used to obtain average and frequencies respectively. Results: A total of 240 surgeries was observed to assess the practice of various Pre, Intra and Post-operative safety protocols in Operation Theater. The study finding revealed that the safety guidelines are being followed and practiced in the hospital, but there are few aspect which are being neglected. The maximumcompliance was observed in pre-operative phase with an average of 74%, followed by 62% and 31% in both Intra and Post-operative phases. The results also depict that the Post-operative complications are less even when the safety guideline are not being followed completely. Conclusion: Patient safety in surgery need the successful coordination of  surgeons, anesthetists, nursing staff and other specialists, who must all work together to provide the best care to the patient. A minor negligence from any of these professional will lead to devastating results for both the patients as well as health care workers too. It is always suggested that the surgical team should follow these safety protocols as a part of their day to day practice.
Keywords: Assessment, Safety Protocol, Operating Room, Surgical Safety, 
Thursday, April 21, 2016
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