Strategies to ensure high compliance of NABH in a multi speciality hospital in Pune city
Coressponding Author Kasturi Shukla, Assistant Professor, MIT- World Peace University, Pune (Maharashtra)
Introduction: NABH is the board established which can assure the quality of the services and patient safety aspects in the hospitals. The quality of service in Hospitals is incomplete without the cooperation of the Healthcare workers within the Hospital. Hence, the study focuses on the compliance related to the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards the NABH standards by the healthcare workers across various departments within Hospital. 
Materials and Methods: In the study, 5 patient-centered chapters of the NABH standards were considered and the knowledge, attitude and practice towards the standards and policy was observed. Observations were noted with help of open ended questions based on the SOP of the Hospital, relevant records checked to assess compliance with the NABH standards. A sample population of staff (Managers, nurses, technicians and Healthcare staff) was randomly selected and observations were noted with help of checklist.
Results: Compliance that was observed in various department considering the NABH standards are Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 95%, Operation Theatre (OT) 96%, Emergency room (ER) 97%, Pharmacy and Stores 95%, Central sterile supply department (CSSD) 100%, Radiology 100%, Laboratory 98%, Kitchen 81% and Biomedical waste handling 72%. Introduction of regular monitoring and daily meeting of the respective heads was recognised as a means to prevent such events. 
Conclusion: The hospital needs  to focus more on regular monitoring towards the infection control practices and meeting among the managers on daily basis to have a control over the quality that the organization is aiming at. 
Keywords: Accreditation, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers, Compliance, staff attitude, KAP.
Tuesday, January 12, 2021