To improve efficiency of work processes in a dietary facility of a medical college by application of method study “Work Process flow” technique.
An observational and descriptive study was carried out in a dietary facility of a medical college over a period of four weeks. During this period techniques of work process flow was adopted by identifying and recording the activities through a graphical portrayal. The activities were classified as operations, transportations, inspections, delays and storages each being represented symbolically.  Each activity was critically examined for the purpose, place, sequence and means and improvement measures were recommended.
The recording of the process flow resulted identified 58 activities. The graphical portrayal revealed duplicate activities and inefficient work processes including improper layout and flow patterns. The recommended improved flow led to a 23 % reduction of activities 58 to 45 in the mess which open new possibilities and opportunities to bring in efficiency in the service. This included opportunities in reduction of costs, reducing mess staff fatigue, developing flows for segregation of traffic and appropriate waste management. Recommendation for pedestrian traffic, keeping of ration in store room and non mixing of clean and dirty traffic were also made to make the flow process more qualitative.
The present study utilises scientific technique to increase the efficiency and productivity of an operating unit by reorganisation of work normally involving little capital expenditure, improving working conditions and developing safer and hygienic methods of performing operations.
Keywords: Dietary service, method study, process flow, staff fatigue
Tuesday, April 19, 2016
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