Planning & Cost Estimation For Medical Gasses Manifold Services For A 300 Bedded Hospital
Medical gases are as important as the medication to patient. Installation of hospital medical gases manifold services requires substantial amount of financial resources. In India, approved codes and standards for medical gasses manifold systems are not available & facilities here are based on prevalent norms as found in other countries. This has led to conflict in various types of systems as cost varies from one standard to another. 
Medical gasses manifold procurement in most public sector hospitals is through the open tender system. For a hospital administrator it become imperative to know what fraction of the budget should be allocated to the medical gases manifold or in an existing hospital planning for piped supply of medical gases how much budget is required.  The present article provides a  methodology for Capital costing of Manifold Services. In the study the cost for per bed and per outlet for the service has been worked out, considering the requirements of a 300 bedded new hospital facility.        
Saturday, August 31, 2019
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