Purpose: Prominent evidences have demonstrated that the healthcare delivery system falls short of care that is safe, effective, efficient, patient centred, timely, and equitable. Today when healthcare service has become a trade concept and with the insurance sector having entered the healthcare field, the society has become more aware of their rights to quality healthcare. The demanding trends have made it of utmost importance to identify ways to assure and provide quality and safe healthcare service.This could be done by healthcare leaders taking an initiative to implement a culture of Lean Six Sigma (Further referred as LSS) practices in their organizations. While LSS has been steadily revolutionizing a diverse range of industries, the approach is relatively new to the hospital industry and health care fraternity. A Secondary research was done to access case studies of LSS applications in healthcare, internationally; to analyze adaptive techniques utilized and the likely hospital / healthcare indicators that could be measured in a process under consideration for performance improvement (Further referred as PI) and its impact.
Methodology:33 case study results, (Further referred as CS) papers that were free to access on the internet; were accessed, to study LSS deployment in healthcare. The results were analyzed to identify adaptive techniques and hospital processes / indicators that are generally impacting successful outcomes in terms of PI.
Findings: The secondary research not only provided evidential impact factors that were treated with LSS methodologies for a process improvement but also assisted in identifying significant healthcare / hospital management indicators to be considered as critical tangible measures relevant to is specific process under consideration
The Originality value: The secondary research study outcome added evidential value to the focused approach to identify appropriate LSS projects and also assisted in defining relevant healthcare indicators to be considered as critical to quality measures of the respective healthcare service process.
Keywords: Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare, Performance Excellence in Hospital Services,


Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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