Ref: 213/AHA/BOE Agenda-1/2018-19                                          Dated: 5th June 2018. Sub: 1st - Board of Executive Committee Meeting-AHA - 16th June 2018 at 9.00 am at AHA House, Noida. Dear Sir, 1. The First [newly elected] board of executive committee meeting of Academy of Hospital Administration will be held at AHA House on 16th June 2018 at 09.00 AM [Saturday]. 2. Agenda Points of the meeting are as under:-i)    Welcome Address by Patronii)   Stock taking. Projects in hand, teaching and training assignments to be completed, state of MBA program, interim financial results for the year as on date, cash flow position.,iii)  Journal - Selection of Executive-Editor, Assoc. Editor, Editorial Board & Editorial committee- JAHAiv)  Management Review Meeting -Executive director to chalk out a broad business plan and event calendar and present before the BOE for further discussion and finalization. This will be a budgeted action plan – Formation of various committees. v)   NABH Consultancy & Other projects- Internal Audit vi)  AHA National Conference SASH-2019 Possible venue, partner and theme. Formation of core steering committee.vii) Membership –AHA viii) Any other point with permission of chair  3. May I request you all to make it convenient to attend the meeting. You are requested to make it convenient to attend this meeting. The travel, boarding and lodging expenses would be borne by AHA and you are requested to inform for any assistance.  Invitees :  All past President/Executive Director’s & Members of Outgoing BoE. – With a  request to bring a short concept note for future development of AHA. With regards, Cordially yours,Dr M G AjmaniExecutive Director

Saturday, June 9, 2018